3 Boudoir Makeup Tips Every Woman Needs To Know • Faces by 2
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A boudoir photoshoot is very intimate and a special memory as you doing this for someone you love or even for yourself.

To help with having the right makeup setup, we have come up with 3 main things you should consider, based on our experience with these shoots.

Here are 3 boudoir makeup tips:

  • Makeup – Wear a little bit more makeup than usual and make sure to set it up with powder.
  • Eyebrows – Fill your eyebrows in, even if your brows are naturally full. This will showcase them better in the pictures.
  • Eyelashes – Make sure to work on your eyelashes as they will add a nice pop to your eyes. Plus they always look fab in the pictures.


  • Hippie Chic – feathers, flowers, long flowing hair.
  • Country Girl – leather boots, wild hair, chiffon.
  • Pinup Bombshell – Red lips, lingerie, animal print.
  • Hot Nerd – High heels, pink lips, natural makeup
  • Vintage – pearls, lingerie, high heels, red lips.

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Rosie and Vange