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Henna Art

Whether to show it off during summer or to impress your guests at a party, Henna is the way to go. Looks incredible and it lasts for about a week. Some of our customers try a henna temporary design before commiting to a permanent tattoo.  Henna Art starts at $15.

Belly Henna Art creates a lifetime memory of this wonderful stage of your life. Bella Henna Art is a beautiful, soothing and safe gift for any mom-to-be. Belly Henna Art can be done anytime during your pregnancy however, most moms-to-be choose to have it done during the third trimester. Moms-to be can choose from a sun, flower, or mandalas, or anything that has meaning for you. Henna belly art starts at $100.

Faces by 2 carries their own fresh Henna cones made from all natural ingredients, Cone price is $5.