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Pregnant Belly Painting

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage and a blessing in a woman’s life. Belly Painting is a great an artistic way to preserve the memory of this wonderful stage of your life.

Faces by 2 loves doing Belly Painting for moms-to-be, pregnancy is sometimes not a fun process to endure, getting your belly painted is a very relaxing experience.

Faces by 2 realized that moms-to-be can be skeptical about Belly Painting, however the Belly Painting process is safe for mom and baby and the paints used as water based and most important fda approved for safe used on the face and body. The Belly painting design can be removed with soap and water.

The favourite time to paint your bump is during the third trimester. It will take around 2 to 2.5 hours and it done comfortably at Faces by 2 studio on a comfy chair with few brakes in between and follow by a photo session.

Moms-to-be enjoy getting their bump painted and love the feeling of the soft brushes on the skin, plus they make the baby move. Belly Painting starts $75.

Faces by 2 also offers baby shower packages for you and your guests.